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Eastway are the condition monitoring company your plant needs to improve your production efficiency by increasing output, lowering maintenance costs and significantly reducing unforeseen downtime.

Excellence in condition monitoring


Do you need a reliability company who also understand data analytics with whom you can work in partnership?

Working with Eastway eliminates your concerns regarding critical machinery failures and since 2001 we have been enabling our clients to ensure their customer demands are met on time.

We ensure your machinery is in optimum condition by identifying faults in advance of failure, highlighting wear before it poses a risk, providing quality reports and working with you to allow you to plan and maximise efficiency of your machines.

At the core of this, is our highly skilled, reliable and experienced team who build long lasting relationships with our clients and are always there to support and advise.

It is our commitment to excellence in customer service, that has seen demand for our services rise steadily leading to us opening our first international base in California, USA in 2014. Followed in 2018, by expansion into Singapore to serve our Asian customers.

Eastway has an extensive client list ranging from small-medium sized manufacturers to large scale multinationals to across Europe, Asia, USA and the Caribbean.

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'Unrivaled customer service, experience and in house innovation - Eastway are the condition monitoring company for you'

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This unrivaled service and commitment to innovation has ensured the continued growth and development of the company placing Eastway as one of the market leaders in condition monitoring.

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