Case studies

We have provided you with detailed Case Studies of our services to allow you to see first hand the benefits of Eastway's Condition Monitoring services to your plant.
  • leak detection service

    Leakage Management

    Eastway's leakage management service is a must for any compressed air system, whether its gas or vacuum.
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  • condition monitoring specialists

    Investment Benefit Analysis of a Condition Monitoring Programme

    Find out how much our condition monitoring can save you.
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  • Benefits of Predictive Maintenance Explained & Defined

    Hear from outside experts on topics relevant to Eastway's services

  • Thermal imaging survey


    A thermography survey can locate and identify potential problems in electrical and mechanical equipment, steam systems, refrigeration systems and underground piping networks before they cause failure.
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  • Vibration surveys for rotating equipment - condition monitoring of machinery

    Vibration Analysis Case Studies

    Vibration analysis is a proven method of condition monitoring for all rotating equipment.
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  • Online Vibration Monitoring and Analysis service - cloud based

    ​Online Vibration Analysis and Remote Monitoring

    The Eastway Safeguard system is an advanced vibration analysis system that allows you to measure and monitor your machine's condition 24/7 from anywhere.
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