Online Vibration Monitoring and Analysis service

​Online Vibration Analysis and Remote Monitoring

Are you ready to revolutionise condition monitoring on your critical machinery? Ready to remove the constant concern of a catastrophic failure during a major production time? Ready to stop ‘fire fighting’ and instead develop a work plan for your team that they have the time to follow?


Eastway’s Safeguard system is our advanced vibration and temperature analysis system that will totally revolutionise how you monitor and maintain your critical machinery. With the system you can measure and monitor your machine's condition 24/7 from anywhere, and unlike other products, we monitor, analyse and report back to you on the data collected.

Developed by our top engineers in response to our customer demands, once you have installed the system we promise you will wonder how you managed so long without it!

"Excellent Service. I’m am very happy with the services provided by Eastway Technical Consultants. They are always a pleasure to deal with."


The Benefits

  • Total Machine Reliability
    • The Eastway Safeguard allows you to monitor and measure your machines' condition 24/7. So you can always count on the reliability of your critical machinery.
  • Eliminate Machine Failure
    • Machines only fail when there is a problem. The Eastway Safeguard can eliminate or detect 99% of machine failure modes.
  • Effective and Efficient Maintenance
    • Plan and execute preventative measures based on expert analysis to avoid machine breakdowns and increase the reliability of your machines.
  • Extend Machine Lifetime
    • Effective failure mode monitoring and prevention will increase machine lifetime from the current average of 3-5 years to 9 years.
  • Increase Production and Profits
    • Reliable machinery, no failures, effective, efficient maintenance and maximised machine lifetime means more production and a significant increase in your company's bottom line.
  • Safety, Health and Well-being
    • Detecting faults in advance of failure improves the safety conditions of your personnel. It also reduces concerns around catastrophic failures and therefore stress levels, leading to a more focused team who can implement effective work plans, allowing for a more efficient manufacturing plant overall.

How it works

The Eastway Safeguard Module is permanently installed in close proximity to the machine with sensors attached. The Safeguard system includes the following features:

  • Constantly analyses and monitors
  • Logs overall and analysis data
  • Automated notifications
  • Live secure data display
  • Independent of customer networks
  • Range of networking options
  • Modular and scalable
  • Remote expert analysis
  • Full support during setup and operation


The Safeguard system can be applied to all rotating machinery. The level and pattern of the vibration of the machinery tells us about the internal condition of the rotating components. If a fault is emerging in a machine the components will vibrate in characteristic ways.The system can also monitor temperature.

Faults that can be detected:

  • Bearing - wear, fatigue, defects and improper lubrication
  • Fan imbalance
  • Misalignment - shaft, components and couplings
  • Looseness - component and machine
  • Pump impellar - issues and wear
  • Lubrication - insufficiant lubrication and contamintation
  • Mounting issues

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Eastway Safeguard current customer list includes the following sectors:

Vibration surveys for rotating equipment - online monitoring


  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food & Beverage
  • Dairy
  • Medical & Medical Device
  • Semiconductor
  • Power & Energy
  • Mining & Materials
  • Nutrition
Vibration surveys for rotating equipment - online vibration monitoring


  • Data Centers
  • Banking Facilities
  • Office Centers
  • Hospitality facilities
Vibration surveys for rotating equipment - condition monitoring of machinery


  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Hospitals
  • Railway Systems