Condition Monitoring Explained

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What is Condition Based Maintenance (CBM)?

  • Condition based maintenance (CBM) is a maintenance strategy that monitors the actual condition of your machines in order to plan what maintenance needs to be done
  • CBM assesses the health status of your machinery by monitoring machine parameters, e.g. Vibration, Temperature or Oil condition
  • Data is measured from the machine on a regular basis and its condition analysed based on any increases in the parameters
  • Analysing the vibration, thermal and oil patterns from the machine enables the risk of failure to be assessed and specific faults to be diagnosed, i.e. bearing, coupling, imbalance.
  • In this way CBM diagnoses specific faults and the urgency required for their repair, allowing you to plan your maintenance 

Eastway provide a comprehensive range of condition monitoring services, including vibration analysis, thermography and 24/7 online monitoring.


  • Allows you to focus on achieving your manufacturing goals
  • Enables maintenance to be planned
  • Directs maintenance resources to the machines that need it
  • Dramatically reduces unforeseen downtime
  • Prevents secondary damage to equipment
  • Reduces spare parts, labour and service contract costs
  • Non-intrusive measurement of machine condition 
  • Enables identification of poorly operating machines, reducing chances of higher machine power consumption
  • Potential health and safety risks can be identified

Why do I want to avoid unforeseen downtime?

  • Potential late delivery of product to customer
  • Dissatisfied customer
  • Damage to reputation
  • Missed targets

With Eastway's CBM program your company can avoid:

  • Late payment for product
  • Penalty fees from customer
  • Emergency repairs versus planned repairs
  • Secondary damage to machinery, increasing the overall repair cost
  • Out-of-hours emergency crews, increasing repair labour costs
  • Increased spare parts delivery costs, need to be ordered in a hurry
  • Potential wastage of product
  • Goods stuck at input to machine waiting for processing
  • Unnecessary wastage
  • High personnel stress from unplanned catastrophic failures

Can we put a price on these??

“The service from Eastway is great. We would happily recommend their services to other companies seeking to improve their condition monitoring”


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