Electrical services

Eastway's experienced electrical services team can help you save money and meet all the necessary electrical legal requirements for your company.

Power factor maintenance and servicing

Power Factor MaintenanceA PFC unit which is not monitored and serviced annually is a system which may be allowing an excess on demand charge of your electricity.

If your company is charged €1.96 per kVA per month by your Electricity Supplier, you will pay an additional €2,554 per year if your Power Factor is below 0.99. This is a major incentive for companies to consider having their PFC units checked at least once annually.

Eastway Power Correction Services include:

  • System health checks, visual non-intrusive, with no obligation
  • Contactor switching operation and condition
  • Thermal and visual checks on all connections within unit PFC controller upgrading
  • Capacitor & Reactor upgrading and replacement
  • Analysis of meter data, on your site conditions and the costs.

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Fixed wire electrical testing

Fixed wire testingWiring deteriorates due to a number of factors such as a hazardous environment, excessive overloading of circuits and switchgear, corrosion, wear and tear, damage etc.

To ensure the integrity of all electrical installations, fixed wire testing of existing installations and operations is required by law in Ireland. Eastway Technical can also provide for all your fixed wire testing requirements, such as RCD testing and insulation resistance.

Regulation 89(b) of SI 299 of 2007 states ‘An employer shall ensure that existing electrical installations be tested from time to time by a competent person (periodically), and from this a report be completed with all defects found during inspection and testing be rectified promptly as so to minimize the risk of danger (ETCI 2007)’.

Eastway carry out the following Fixed Wire Testing:

  • RCD testing and recording
  • Earthing testing
  • Lighting conductor testing
  • Loop impedance testing
  • Insulation resistance testing
  • Visual inspections.

Maximum periods allowed between Periodic Inspections:

  • Commercial installations - 5 year
  • Industrial installations - 3 years
  • Buildings open to the public - 1 year

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HT Maintenance and Power Quality Surveys

HT TransmissionEastway have been the principal contractor overseeing the design, supply, installation and commissioning of HT transmission and distribution network projects for a number of our existing clients in recent years.

Regular thermal imaging surveys prevent untimely downtime and potential fire hazards in your MV & LV electrical equipment.

We work in conjunction with an experienced HT & MV Maintenance team and can also provide comprehensive maintenance and operation support for high and medium voltage distribution systems.

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Portable Appliance Testing

Portable application testingPortable Appliance Testing (PAT) is mandatory under the HSA guidelines and is carried out on an annual or bi-annual basis. Portable appliances are classed as any handheld or movable equipment.

The equipment is divided into two categories:

  • Class I
  • Class II

Also the following tests are carried out:

  • Visual
  • Insulation
  • Leakage
  • Earth Bond
  • Power
  • Polarity

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Electrical Safety Audits

Electrical safety auditsEastway’s industrial electrical safety audits are carried out to assist our clients in compliance with the Electro Technical Council of Ireland Principles of Electrical Safety Guidelines.

Our inspections are carried out under normal working conditions.

A comprehensive survey report is issued including:

  • Recommendations for repairs
  • Additional recommendation of upgrades required in hazardous areas
  • Details of any substandard work/practices which do not comply with ETCI (Principles of Electrical Safety)

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