Leakage management

Leakage management has the greatest savings potential in a compressed air system. In fact more than 40% of the savings potential can be achieved by getting the leakages under control.

How it works

There are two key ingredients in leakage management:

Method of Detection

Eastway use ultrasonic leakage detection equipment which filters production noise and therefore allows detection to be carried out during normal operation.

Reporting System

A comprehensive reporting system is imperative in carrying out a successful repair programme. Eastway have developed a system which identifies the components required to effectively carry out your repairs and also gives you details of potential savings


  • Considerable energy savings in a very short space of time.
  • More than 40% of the possible overall savings can be achieved by getting leaks under control.
  • Most projects can be paid for with what would be equivalent of one month’s of leakages.
  • Eastway's Leakage Management service can also be applied to other gases such as Argon and Nitrogen.
  • Our services can be delivered during normal manufacturing hours using Eastway's systematic and measurable method of leak detection and repair.

“Its the high quality of Eastway's reporting that makes them stand out for us.”


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