Mechanical Services

To improve plant condition and prolong equipment life Eastway also offer oil analysis and lubrication, laser alignment and fan balancing, to compliment our other CBM services.

Fan Balancing

FanEastway have state-of-the-art technology and experienced mechanical personnel to carry out in-situ fan balancing on all types of industrial fans at your plant’s location. Our fan balancing service is completed in accordance ISO 1940-1 and ISO-14694 Fan Balance Quality Grade 6.3.

Imbalance occurs in a rotating system when the centre of mass does not coincide with the bearing rotational axis. Even moderate fan imbalances can have detrimental effects on your equipment.

Imbalance consequences:

  • Increased noise and vibration
  • Reduced bearing life
  • Increased energy usage
  • Reduced product quality
  • Potential for operator injury
  • Premature degradation of foundations

Eastway will perform your fan balancing with minimum disruption and maximum success, significantly increasing the performance life of your equipment.

Laser alignment

Laser alignmentEastway provide on-site shaft and pulley laser alignment services on a range of different applications from simple single coupling to the more complex two or three coupling systems. All rotating equipment is at risk of misalignment. When misaligned, the loading of the shaft dramatically increases due to the reaction forces created within the coupling.

Misalignment consequences:

  • Increased energy consumption
  • Reduction in bearing, seal, shaft and coupling life
  • Increased bearing and coupling temperatures
  • Increased vibration
  • Breaking (or cracking) of shafts
  • Premature wear of foundation bolts

Laser shaft alignment is now the industry standard as it ensures that a shaft is aligned with sufficient accuracy. Studies conducted show that in comparison to traditional alignment methods, a machine that is laser aligned has a significantly longer life expectancy and consumes 3 - 4 % less energy.

Eastway are suppliers of Easy Laser Shaft & Pulley Alignment systems and also provide training to ensure the unit is used to its maximum potential.

Oil Analysis

Oil analysisEastway analyse oil samples from engines, gearboxes, pumps and hydraulic systems as part of our condition monitoring services.

Analysis of these oil samples will:

  • Assess the performance and efficiency of your machinery
  • Detect early evidence of any emerging faults and allow you to act swiftly to prevent deterioration in condition.

Sample kits can be provided or alternatively Eastway will attend site and sample the equipment required. Sampling is carried out under normal working conditions and the following tests are carried out on all samples:

  • Spectrographic
  • Viscosity
  • WaterPQ (Debris Monitor)

HT Transformer oil sample analysis is also available on request and PCB testing is included as standard


LubricationOne of the biggest known causes of premature bearing and gear train failure is improper lubrication. A good lubrication programme will ensure that the correct type and quantity of lubrication is being applied at the right time to each piece of rotating equipment in a plant.

Considering the number of run hours since last lubricated or the specific application requirements is of vital importance. Eastway can dramatically improve your lubrication routines and hence equipment life and reliability by carrying out a lubrication review in your plant.

Eastway Lubrication Review:

  • Gather details and data for each application
  • Confirm bearing and gear train types
  • Research manufacturer specifications
  • Issue recommendations for lubrication type, quantity and run hour frequency for each application

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